Alcoholism & Anger Management: Mental Health & Addiction

One such study included 136 men with a history of intimate partner violence . The individuals who had higher mental rigidity had lower empathy and perception of the severity of IPV. Additionally, they reported higher alcohol use and hostile sexism than those lower in mental rigidity. Many people enjoy alcoholic drinks as a way of relaxing, sometimes to reduce the tension of socializing or to quiet an overactive mind. By contrast, some individuals’ alcohol consumption contributes to their anger, hostility, and even aggression. Ryan offered a more extreme example of this type of interaction.

You will be able to move forward in your drinking and anger process once you safely remove alcohol from your system and begin to learn about the importance of sobriety in your life. The present study is going to explore the relationship of anger with treatment outcome among alcohol users after 1 year of treatment.

How to Handle Anger in Early Sobriety

When a doesn’t match up with our preconceived expectations, we can get easily frustrated. Becoming angry can feel like a way to regain control, because it’s an emotion in our power. To avoid reacting with anger, it’s important to identify what is and isn’t in our control, and manage our expectations accordingly. Acceptance can help alleviate feelings of disappointment and anger. It’s common to feel overwhelmed by having to suddenly face responsibilities, consequences, and disrupted relationships after becoming sober.

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In Journalism & Media Studies from Rutgers University and is a contributing content writer for AlcoholRehabHelp. Alcohol-related aggression-social and neurobiological factors.” Dtsch Arztebl Int., 2013. They are peer-led organizations dedicated to helping each other remain sober. Support groups can be the first step towards recovery or part of a long-term aftercare plan. PHPs accept new patients, and people who have completed an inpatient program and require additional intensive treatment. Anger management therapy is one of the best options available for helping you understand your emotions and find effective ways to cope with them. Lack of impulse control can make someone fly into a fit of rage or become aggressive rapidly.

Consequences of Being a Mean Drunk

Approximately 75% of domestic violence victims and their significant others are shown to misuse alcohol and drugs. Women who misuse drugs and alcohol are often victims of domestic violence in their current relationships. Couples counseling and lessening the amount that you drink can help you in all aspects of your life. It’s best to be upfront with your partner and let them know that your actions were uncalled for and that you feel as though you are not a good candidate for alcohol consumption. Studies suggest that those who get aggressive when they drink are also the ones that can get depressed when they are under the influence.


Then, the more they drink, the more anger is released because of the lack of inhibition. It’s a cycle that can really wreak havoc in the individual and oftentimes families. Thus, alcohol rehabsare always on standby to help those who are caught up in the cycle. An earlier study found that alcohol use enhanced aggression primarily among individuals who showed a heightened disposition for such behavior . They were directed to engage in a task with the potential to trigger aggressive verbalizations, with those who consumed alcohol showing significantly more such behavior. Identifying those factors that might contribute to heightened anger when consuming alcohol is important for individuals who have anger issues and those who treat them.

How anger management counseling can help

This is the effect that alcohol has on the brain; you cannot think straight. If your loved one has a pattern of becoming aggressive when drunk, consider communicating your concerns to them. They might be unaware of their behavior, or not realize that it’s hurting you or others. And if the angry drunk is a loved one who is getting themselves into trouble with someone else, you might also try to take them away from the place of conflict. However, it’s important to negotiate this with friendliness, and affirm their concerns with kindness. Unprocessed and unexpressed anger can lead to maladaptive techniques that are even more harmful, such as abusing alcohol and/or violence.

Another way to address anger right away is to use your five senses to help you get out of your head and get grounded in the present moment. This means pausing and intentionally observing the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of the environment around you.

Addiction Treatment Programs

The ultimate goal is to help them get into a treatment program that addresses their substance abuse and the way it causes them to behave. But this is often easier said than done, and mean drunks can turn violent when provoked — meaning that if you share a living space with one, your safety should be your main priority. Alcohol effects the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the region that moderates things like decision-making. What this means is that people whose personalities make them naturally quicker to become angry than others are even more likely to lose control under the influence of alcohol. This has an effect on the life of the person exhibiting this consistent anger. It makes people — even their closest friends — less willing to spend time with them.